Need help? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions 

Can i tip the driver?

yes you can tip the driver after every ride is complete and they keep 100% of that tip and fare

Where is my driver?

As a driver, how do i change my bank account information to get paid.

you can change your bank account information within the ariv app.

When you request a ride, the app will locate the nearest available driver and provide an ETA based on the driver’s location. You can track your driver’s progress by checking the map on the home screen. The app will alert you via push notification or text message once your driver arrives to your pickup location.

Can i book a ride in advance?

Yes, you can book a ride a month in advance with our sedan, suv and luxury rides. 

Is my information protected?

Account protection and security is a top priority for us. All data is stored in highly secured facilities and is never shared with anyone.

Damage Reimbursements

If a rider damages your car wether they spilled something, put a stain in your car, torn material,  you will be reimbursed for the damaged caused. When something happens, please take photos right away of your vehicle, and send them to

The driver support team will investigate your claim as quickly as possible and issue you the reimbursement.

I left my item in a drivers car what can i do?

Want to know your background history before signing up?

We have a live chat system that allows rider to have a quick response from representative, contact them as soon as soon as possible. While we will do our best to locate your lost item to the driver and have them contact you. we cannot accept responsibility for items left behind in vehicles. But all drivers charge a $10 fee to return all items back to it's previous passengers

Visit if you want to see your background history before signing up to ariv

What is Ariv Maximum fare limit?

Ariv maximum fare limit is $700 and our minimum is as low as $5.85

How can i cancel my ride?

To cancel your ride, tap the ‘Cancel Ride’ button in the app. Be sure to cancel within 5 minutes from when you ordered the ride in order to avoid a ride cancellation fee. For more details, please see our cancellation policy.

What type of payments do Ariv accept?

When do Ariv taxi & luxury drivers get paid

Ariv pay drivers 2 times a week Tuesday and Friday. Driver's will have a choice of getting paid with direct deposit, venmo, cash app, paypal.  Instant pay coming soon.

Ariv accepts paypal, cashless (credit card/debit card) and cash payments only.

What rating system do i have to have to avoid being deactivate

To avoid being deactivated the rider must sustain a 4.6 or higher.

How long can a driver be on the road in a day ?

drivers using our app can legally be on the road for a max of 12 hrs after that drivers have to shut down and stay off the road for 8hrs

How Ariv Rideshare Works

1. Request a ride


Tap and select your ride of your choice, Then enter your pickup and destination location and tap confirm—your driver will arrive in minutes.

2. Ride


Once you request a ride. You’ll see your driver’s contact information and vehicle details in the app

3. Pay and go


After your ride has been completed you can rate the driver. We automatically charge the credit card on file, or you can pay the driver cash.