Frequently asked questions

Tablet issue

My tablet stopped working, who do i call?

Every retail and restaurant merchant are given an assigned sales account manager to call for any problems such as: -Tablet malfunctions -New location added to your busines and u need another tablet -Payment issues -Uploading new items or need a price change on your tablet for your store and much more. If you can not get in contact with your sales account manager please call: 301-288-1850 so that a specialist can assist you

How many tablets can i get assigned with?

Ariv Marketplace merchant plan covers Two(2) location to every account. There is an additonal $4.99 for every new location on your account.

How long will it take to install my tablet?

Ariv Marketplace has sale account managers that will visit your restaurant or retail store after an appointment is set. Once our sales account manager visit your restaurant or retail store, your tablet will be installed within 30 mins. There is a one time activation fee that is to be paid on the day of the appointment. One Time Activation Fee is $40.00

Merchants FAQs

Can i cancel my subscription at anytime?

Sure, you can cancel at anytime with no worries. Please contact your assigned sales account manager to cancel your subscription. If you have lost your sales account manager number please use our live " Lets Chat" system that can guide you. or call our support special at 301-288-1850.

When does Ariv Marketplace pay it's merchants

Ariv Marketplace pays it's merchants bi-weekly(every 2 weeks) via paypal or direct deposit.


Where is my order?

Your order's status is displayed in the "my orders section of the customer app. You can click on your most recent order and press "view order" button and message the restaurant or retail store and driver. If your order does not show up on your app please contact our customer service in our live chat system and they will assist you.

Why was my order canceled?

-There can be multiple reasons your app was canceled: -The merchant is closed due to a private event, emergency, or a change in their operating hours. -The merchant is too busy to take new orders. -The merchant cannot accept payments due to an equipment malfunction. -The merchant is cash-only. Postmates cannot place orders at cash-only merchants.

Can i change my order?

Unfortunately no, You will need to cancel the order and resubmit. Please note that if your order has already been accepted you may be subject to a cancellation charge. If you need items like condiments or utensils, we recommend contacting your Ariv Marketplace once your delivery has been assigned.






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